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What does it do?

Visual Firmographics: a methodology for visualization and analysis of business data, competitive landscape, and supply-chain ecosystems intelligence. Zoom in on individual businesses to gain insights that will lead to fast and easy purchase or sales decision. Start today and save time and effort with powerful marketplace analytics!

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Analyze & Plan
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Upload & Automate

FIRMOGRAM’s customized data integration makes it simple and fast for you to upload your database – in whatever format you prefer. Just follow the easy instructions and you can turn your static list of firms into a multi-dimensional, up-to-the-minute, interactive, and shareable database.


Analyze & plan

Built-in analytics and easy interactive navigation enable you to analyze situations and formulate strategies. High level maps and graphics provide you the broad overviews of your ecosystem. The next level down directs you to segments of interest, and even further you can zoom in on individual companies to get insights and analyze your target. Create customized scenarios that give you the needed insight to develop a plan.


Create & Share

With your analysis in hand, generate executive reports with impressive visualizations that you can share via email or post to social media.


Track & Go

With your database uploaded, you can have confidence knowing that Firmogram will be keeping a close eye on your ecosystem for you. Set up regularly email alerts to let you know when there are things going on that you need to know about.

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FIRMOGRAM as a Great Marketing Tool

FIRMOGRAM allows you to visualize your business ecosystem based on key firmographic parameters (firm location, capability, industry segment). By mapping your extended network of clients, business partners, competitors, and suppliers, you can make strategic decisions by highlighting the strengths and diversity of your business environment. Drilling down and analyzing the data enhances your awareness of the ecosystem, allowing you to strategize and target areas of growth

Be in the know. FIRMOGRAM helps you connect and interact with social media outlets – increasing your awareness by enhancing your database with up-to-the-minute information

Firmogram for Small

With FIRMOGRAM you can...

  • Showcase the extent of your business relationships. Clearly identify your competitors, future clients, and capable potential partners.
  • Fully understand regional, national and international landscape of existing and potential clients.
  • Bring yourself up to speed on the firms in your ecosystem, including your competitors, by hooking into social media.

Firmogram Provides….

  • A platform that imports, simplifies, adds functionality, and enriches your existing database of companies
  • A visual map to clearly show regional clusters that can be used to plan for growth and sales strategies
  • A thorough analysis of your ecosystem that clearly identifies the growth opportunities that should be pursued

FIRMOGRAM can help you to…

  • Unlock the real value of your extended network of companies
  • Become the business intelligence hub of your marketing activities
  • Save costs required for attracting new clients and advertising your capabilities

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