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Privacy Policy

General Principles

QONDO is aware of your legitimate concerns about privacy and is fully committed to maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, security, and accuracy of your Personal Information in accordance with applicable privacy legislation and best industry practices.

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") helps you understand the guiding principles applied by us to the collection, use, disclosure, retention, and disposal of and access to Personal Information on this site.

Because privacy concerns and legal and business requirements evolve continually, QONDO may have to change its Policy at any time without advance notice and therefore you are invited to review it regularly. Access to and use of this site are also governed by QONDO's site terms of use that you should review.

By using this website and providing us with your Personal Information, you agree that QONDO uses the latter in accordance with the Privacy Act and this Policy. For purposes of this Policy, "Personal Information" means any information about an identifiable individual within the meaning of section 3 of the Privacy Act.

Guiding Principles

Our Policy rests on the following seven guiding principles:
2.1 Identifying the purposes of use

The nature and scope of the Personal Information we need depends to a great extent on which products, solutions or services are of interest to you. QONDO will collect Personal Information only in relation to its services for business purposes in order to:

  • Identify you and/or your business
  • Determine your eligibility for products, solutions or services you offer or request and their suitability
  • Offer products, solutions and services that meet your needs
  • Advise on our products, solutions and services
  • Provide ongoing services
  • Recognize your achievements
  • Protect you and us against errors and fraud
  • Promote our products, solutions and services to you
  • Comply with legal, security, processing, and regulatory requirements

Obtaining Your Consent

Your Consent can be express or implied ("Consent"). In our website, It is expressed in writing, or electronically. Your Consent can be implied through your action or inaction. For instance, when you register in our website, we conclude that you have consented to the collection, use, and disclosure of the Personal Information it contains for the intended purposes. The same conclusion may be drawn when you use one of solutions or services. Your Consent can also be given by your authorized representative, for instance, if he/she is providing Personal Information and is seeking services or solutions from our website.

Your Personal Information will be viewed by QONDO employees or representatives for the purposes of their work or for which it was given, as outlined in section Guiding Principles.

In some circumstances, QONDO may collect, use, or disclose Personal Information without your Consent for legal, security, or processing reasons, or when it is impossible to obtain your Consent in cases contemplated by applicable privacy legislation. Examples of such circumstances include compliance with applicable laws or court orders, the protection of the public interest, QONDO rights, fraud detection and prevention, the use of Personal Information emanating from a third party, and the collection of overdue accounts. You can withdraw your Consent at any time, provided QONDO is given reasonable notice and there are no legal or contractual requirements preventing this.

Limiting Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information. QONDO will not, without your Consent, collect, use, or disclose Personal Information except for the purposes identified or for a use consistent with those purposes or as otherwise required or permitted by applicable law.

QONDO may transfer (or otherwise make available) Personal Information to third parties who provide services on our behalf. For example, we may use service providers to process Personal Information, authorize and process payments, or host our website. Personal Information may be stored and processed outside of Canada, including the United States, by our third-party service providers. Our service providers are not authorized to use or disclose your Personal Information for any purpose other than providing the services on our behalf or as otherwise required by applicable law.

QONDO will retain the Personal Information only for specific periods of time as may be prescribed by applicable laws and regulations, as deemed necessary for the identified purposes. In accordance with legal requirements and applicable guidelines, QONDO will destroy, erase, render anonymous, or otherwise dispose of Personal Information after such period of time.

Providing Access and Accuracy. Subject to legal requirements provided by the Privacy Act or the Access to Information Act, QONDO will respect your right of access to your Personal Information by informing you of its procedures and requirements for responding to your request for access. QONDO will act diligently to give you access, at minimal or no cost wherever possible. You can challenge the accuracy of your Personal Information and request corrections if you believe there are errors or omissions. You may also require in certain circumstances that an annotation be attached to your Personal Information reflecting any correction requested but not made, or that such annotation or correction be notified to certain individuals.

QONDO will take all reasonable steps to ensure Personal Information used on an ongoing basis is as accurate, up-to-date, and complete for the purposes in which it was collected; we will rely on you to inform it of any required corrections.

Responding to Your Privacy Concerns. QONDO will respond to your questions and investigate diligently any complaints with respect to your Personal Information.

Complying with applicable privacy legislation. Your and QONDO's rights and obligations regarding privacy are governed by applicable privacy legislation in Canada. The application and interpretation of this Policy and of our guiding privacy principles are subject to and will comply with such legislation.


When paying online for any of our services, you will be using the credit card facilities of an online payment provider. Any confirmation given during the payment process will be received on the payment provider server and will be governed by its privacy policy.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file containing certain pieces of information that a website server creates and puts on your computer. QONDO may use persistent cookies to enable us to better serve you when you visit our site.
Persistent cookies are written or stored on your hard drive until the expiry date (maximum two years). QONDO's persistent cookies are used, for example, to retain information that you provided so that the QONDO website can be personalized accordingly, or to determine if a certain user has previously completed one of our surveys, so that he/she will not be surveyed again.
QONDO also uses DoubleClick cookies for remarketing purposes. Whenever a user browses the pages or sections of the site where a tag has been inserted, the cookie identifier is added to a list created based on categories of interest. Different lists may be created in this way and users can find themselves on several of them.
QONDO uses remarketing for its online advertising, with a third-party provider. This allows us to improve the ads presented to its clientele, proposing services, tools and solutions based on users' actual needs. Users can disable the use of third party cookies when using our website by contacting us at info@qondo.com. Please note that if you opt-out, you may still see our ads at other websites, but the ads will not be tailored using third party technologies associated with QONDO website. Remarketing cookies can also be deactivated by modifying your browser's parameters. By accessing our site, you consent to the use of cookies and agree to have your browser set to accept cookies. If you want to access our site but don't agree to receive cookies, you can do so by modifying the preferences of your browser. However, note that by not accepting cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our site.

Third-party Social Media

The use of social media by us is an extension of our Web presence. Social media accounts are public and not hosted on QONDO servers. Users who decide to interact with us through these media must read the conditions of service and privacy policies of these third-party providers of services and applications used in order to access them.

Web Analytics

Web analytics involves the collection, analysis, measurement and presentation of data on website traffic and on visits, for the purpose of understanding and optimizing Web use. The information collected by the cookies may be used by Web analytics to keep your interactions with qondo.com in memory.

QONDO uses the information for its own internal statistical and analytical purposes, to evaluate and enhance users' experience of the website by identifying customer preferences and trends that we may use for marketing purposes and to further develop our business and operations.

When your computer requests QONDO web pages, we may collect the following types of information, for web analytics, such as:

  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer;
  • the date and time of your request;
  • the pages viewed and downloaded;
  • the identifier attributed to registered users accessing restricted areas on the site;
  • the type of operating system; and
  • the type of browser & browser settings used.

Data collected for web analytics purposes will sometimes go outside of Canada to the United States of America and may be subject to the governing legislation of that country, such as the USA Patriot Act.

QONDO uses Google Analytics, and the data gathered are sent to Google, an external service provider. Your IP address is anonymized before being saved on the Google server, in order to safeguard your Personal Information. The data gathered are anonymized by truncating your computer's IP address. No Personal Information identifying you is saved or provided to Google.

Google Analytics uses temporary and permanents cookies; permanent cookies are stored on your computer and expire two years after your last visit to the website. For more information, consult the Google Analytics website and its privacy policy.

You can refuse to install the cookies used by Google Analytics by modifying your browser parameters to activate or deactivate cookies, by deactivating JavaScript in your browser or by going to the following website: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. If you deactivate Google Analytics or JavaScript, you will still have access to the same information and services from our websites. To deactivate cookies or JavaScript, consult your browser provider's instruction guide.


QONDO may use software to monitor site traffic and to detect unauthorized attempts to upload, change information, or otherwise cause damage. The software receives and records the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the computers that have visited this site, including the date and time of visits, the pages that were viewed and downloaded, and the identifier attributed to any registered user who accesses restricted areas on this site. The software also captures information regarding the type of browser and operating system. QONDO does not attempt to link the IP addresses and the identifiers with the identity of users visiting this site unless there is an attempt to damage the site.

Responding to Your Concerns

For questions or comments regarding this Policy, for additional information about the management of Personal Information, or to consult or modify your Personal Information contact us by email at info@qondo.com, by phone at +1 855 782 6882 or by mail to


P.O.Box 45021, Vancouver

BC, Canada V6S 2M8

+1 855 782 6882