Door Filter Technologies

Service Description: Improving Indoor Air Quality. The Door Filter™ was born of one of the strongest motivations possible—a father’s desire to protect the well being of his family. As founder, CEO, and most importantly, new father, Andrew Bordin wanted to be sure he had a product he could feel safe using around his own family before he asked you to trust yours with it. The result is a unit that runs continuously without using power and has no moving parts to break down. Door Filter™ works because key people have done the research and designed a product that works and lasts. All the necessary details have been meticulously planned and implemented from the interchangeable ends that can be sized to fit the door properly to the dense ABS extension lined with a door sweep and of course the removable multi-stage air filter. Door Filter™ is the end result of that tried and true business journey that moves from prototype to testing to finished product.


Door Filter™

Introducing "Door Filter" – A Newly Developed, Innovative, North American-Made Filtration Product designed to Improve the Indoor Air Quality within Apartment Units and Condos. Door filter will help reduce Dust and odours in buildings that promote door drafts.

Replacement Air Filter

Fully integrated interchangeable filter cartridge system reduces odor, pests and various allergens before entering living area.

Irregular Floor Leveling Kit

The irregular floor leveling kit is designed for installations where floors are uneven and/or doors swing downward. This situation causes the space below the door to decrease as the door opens and may lead the Door Filter™ to rub excessively against the floor. The kit includes a new, higher pile bottom sweep which can better absorb the fluctuations in height.