Titan Enersave

Service Description: Titan Enersave’s energy audit: Is COMPLEMENTARY and offered without any cost or obligation to interested building owners, identifies all existing lighting fixtures in common areas. (ie hallways, stairwells, parkades, entrances, storage rooms, recreation centers, outside lights, exit signs, landscape areas, etc.), identifies kilowatt hours currently being consumed by type of lighting fixtures and by location, and provides a benchmark which allows for energy efficiency comparisons to similar properties. We identify maintenance hours and related costs currently being incurred to maintain existing fixtures throughout the facility, provides detailed cost estimates for complete upgrade to energy efficient lighting from start to finish (turnkey) including parts LED fixtures, electrical removal and installation, disposal, permits, etc. All work is performed by BC Hydro’s Power Smart Alliance members. We provide estimates of cash rebates from BC Hydro should the building owners decide to proceed with the lighting upgrade, provide return on investment (ROI), payback period (PP) and other project evaluation criteria and provides various financing options available to fund the lighting retrofit project. “In short, significantly improving lighting efficiency in residential (and commercial) buildings is likened to a low hanging fruit, deliciously tempting and ready for the picking. No Ladder required. Just reach out and help yourself. What are you waiting for?”