FAQs Update

Why choose QONDO same day delivery?

QONDO delivery is for when you need to get that package off your desk. It’s for when your business relies on a time-critical service that is both easily traceable and secure – even if you're sending perishable or fragile items. But the key reason why you should choose a same day courier over standard mail is to give yourself the assurance that your package is in the best hands possible. That's exactly what you will get when you send items with a company that has over 25 years’ experience in the delivery and logistics industry.

How does QONDO same day delivery work ?

You can order a same day delivery 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you’re booking online or by phone, you simply choose the date and time you need the courier plus your collection and delivery details. Cut-off times for same day delivery depend on how far the item has to travel. Items sent across town on a short delivery will have a later cut-off time then cross-country city to city deliveries which will have an earlier cut off or collection time.

How much is QONDO same day delivery cost ?

The cost of same day courier delivery services will depend on what needs to be sent and where it needs to be sent to. The four most important factors that influence the price are the size/weight of the item, the distance between collection and delivery points, the vehicle type making the delivery and the same day courier service chosen (standard, secure or priority.) To give you an example of prices, a lightweight A4 legal document, sent by bike to addresses a mile apart in Vancouver costs from as little as $6.50. On the other hand a laptop sent by van as a priority secure service from Burnaby to Surrey would cost around $45.all you need is to contact us and let us know your plans.

What can change the QONDO same day delivery cost ?

Same day delivery costs can vary due to the following: • Weight & volume of your delivery • Distance between pick-up and final destination • Any specialist requirement including medical, high value, urgency • Vehicle type used, ie bicycle, motorbike or small or large van.

How to find out the QONDO same-day delivery cost ?

Most courier companies have an instant quote service which you can access online, by email or by phone. CitySprint can give you an instant quote for your same day service. All you need is the collection and delivery postcodes and the dimensions of the item you are sending. You will then get a quote for each vehicle type (if applicable) which is valid for 15 minutes.

Do I need same day delivery?

Same day deliveries are the perfect solution when you need your item delivered as soon as possible. Same day deliveries are becoming increasingly popular for online retailers and have always been an essential part of business. Whether it’s completing a house move and exchanging contracts, sending replacement equipment out urgently or delivering life saving blood supplies between hospitals same day deliveries perform an important service.